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Established in 2005, SL Education Centre is a centre you can trust. We aim to establish ourselves as a centre where students find themselves in good hands. At SL Education Centre, you can be assured of our commitment and passion in nurturing our students to reach their full potential.

We believe in teaching in bitesize with carefully crafted questions, and learn in a meaningful way. Learning platforms have been introduced to engage and enhance interactive teaching, as we understand every child learns differently.

Tutors at SL comprise of qualified and trained teachers, former teachers and specialists with extensive experience in their respective fields. We specialise in English, Mathematics, Science and Accounts. And our lessons are available online and offline now.


The tuition improved my understanding about maths through the many practices given and I had a lot of fun learning with my teacher. I like that my teacher always encourages us to ask questions and help us to clear any doubts.
The group lessons were very interactive and i gained a lot from being exposed to different questions and way of solving. I’ve learnt that nothing is impossible if we set our heart to it and have along a patient teacher. Thank you for these past 1.5 years! ☺
I really enjoyed my time with SL. As my tutor (Susan) not only helped us with our studies greatly but also in our character building, Gave us good advice on how to move on with life.
Studying at SL centre was a memorable experience as I get to meet students from other schools. The teachers there are also very engaging and approachable.
I have learnt a lot throughout my 5 years in SL the thing i like most about SL is the patience of the teacher. She would take time to explain things that are hard for us to understand and spend more time on it until we could fully understand the question. Being in SL has helped me a lot in my studies and i would like to thank my tuition teacher for her help, without her i wouldn’t be able to pass all my subjects.
Throughout my whole 3 years in SL, what i like the most is the teacher, Susan.When she is teaching us, she will try to understand everyone’s weakness and try to make sure we all understand what is going on. She really cares for her student as she wants them to do well for their exams. Being in SL, not only helped me in my studies but had also moulded my character to be more hardworking.
SL is a excellent tuition center because of the teachers they have there and the facilities they have. The teachers will ensure that you have learnt new things and will be extremely welcome for students to clarify their doubts. Furthermore, the lessons are easy to understand and the teachers are extremely qualified.
SL helped me not only in grades but also gave me the passion for my subjects such as chemistry, physics and maths. This passion made me more than just wanting to pass. I wanted to learn. As a result of that, i would study even after class was over. Due to this, i was equipped with sufficient knowledge to overcome the challenges in my course in RP.
I have been with SL for 5 years. The teachers at SL are really a fun bunch. I looked forward to attending classes because they were so engaging and interactive. There were no communication barriers and they really understood what we needed. The small class size was conducive for learning effectively. Due to this, I was inspired to trying teaching kids in my poly life.
What I have experienced from my time spent in SL is the understanding and patience that the teacher has for the students. Their passion for teaching is not just solely passing information from one to another. They’re all happy with what they do and happy for us as well when we do well. I would gladly say that I couldn’t have done this without the Teachers from SL.
What I like about the class is how it is a book that always teaches us new things and will never get boring no matter how many times I read it. A book of thrills where hardships are overcome together, like a roller coaster u are never alone and together the class will overcome even the highest hill. A book where the history of that generation will forever last.
– friendly and caring teachers – everyone has a chance to participate in answering questions – conducive environment – easy to find (tuition centre)
SL has given me a head start in my academics ever since I joined in Secondary 2.With its motivating teachers I am determined to strive hard and do my best. Indeed, every student is given the opportunity to realize the potential in him. I am thankful for the teachers whose comprehensive knowledge of a subject have allowed me to develop a better understanding of a subject as well as to deepen my interests for possible career options in the future.
SL education centre is a great place to learn and refresh your knowledge. The teachers are well versed in their subjects, allowing us to understand what is revised with us. With small class sizes, it allows each student to engage and clarify the topic with their teacher more than what they could in school. Not only that, they are able to cater to the needs of those who need more 1-on-1 time with no compromises in the quality of their teaching.
Wish to say a Great Thank you to your team for helping Meghan in her studies. She hasn't passed her math since P5 and now, her last term results is a 100%. Full marks! What a big improvement. Thank you once again. =)
Great environment for learning. Good teachers and little to no problems
Dan Tan Zhi De (dan_ger)
Dan Tan Zhi De (dan_ger)
a month ago
I really enjoy my lessons in SL Tuition! My teacher is cheerful, happy and motivates me and my class mates to do better! To my teacher, Teacher Yi Wen and all the other teachers, Happy Teachers' Day!
Yan Kuan Lee
Yan Kuan Lee
10 months ago
Really nice teachers and also quite good learning environment
a year ago

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